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How to Install Your New Signs
For New Construction & Renovations, as per 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design, After March 15, 2012.

Click here to download these instructions as a PDF.

Click here to view the 1991 standards.

1. Verify the wall surface is smooth and free of any dirt or dust. Complete any wall treatments, such as wallpapering or painting, prior to sign installation. Wall Mounted Sign Installation
2. Determine the mounting height for your signs. The ADA requires that the baseline of the lowest raised character* be a minimum of 48" above the finished floor, and the baseline of the highest raised character be a maximum of 60" above the finished floor. (See fig. 1)
*California properties measure from the baseline of the lowest Braille cells.
3. For wall signs located near a door, the ADA requires signs to be mounted on the latch side of the door. Signs containing raised characters shall be located so that there is a clear floor space of 18" minimum by 18" minimum, centered on the tactile characters. (see fig. 1 & 2)
Design Tip
We recommend installing our signs at 54" from the center of the sign to the floor for both ADA compliance and visual consistency.

Floor Clearance

Floor Clearance Signs with raised characters must be centered on the letters in a clear floor space of 18" minimum by 18" minimum. This floor space must be outside of the swing of the door. (see fig. 2)
4. There are three mounting methods:
Adhesive Tape

Remove the adhesive tape backing. Using a level to ensure the sign is straight, press the sign firmly to the wall.
Silicone Adhesive

Silicone Adhesive Installation For heavy signs, exterior signs, or when applying to textured wall surfaces, it is recommended to use a silicone construction adhesive* in addition to the adhesive tape on the back of the sign. Apply silicone adhesive as illustrated and remove the adhesive tape backing. Using a level to ensure the sign is straight, press the sign firmly to the wall.

* Silicone sealant is different from silicone adhesive. Please be sure to use a silicone adhesive to guarantee proper adhesion.
Screw Mounting

Using a level to ensure the sign is straight, mark the wall through the screw holes. Drill holes and insert anchors. Holding sign in place, fasten screws into wall anchors.

For signs with frames and screw holes, first remove the sign face. Next, position the frame on the wall, and follow the above instructions. Replace the sign face.
If you have questions, or a special installation circumstance, please contact us. If you have questions about the ADA, or to understand your responsibilities, please visit

**The information provided to you on this page is ADA compliant to the best of our knowledge, however, it is not a replacement for legal advice.
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