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When looking for a room, not knowing if you've got the right one is the worst. So awkward. SignMojo to the rescue! Changeable Common Room Signs allow you to customize the name of your room, with an extra feature: an insert that can be switched out with ease. All of our Common Room Signs have raised text and Grade 2 Braille, and are guaranteed to be ADA–compliant.
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Changeable Common Room Signs

A common room must be marked with an ADA–compliant sign because it is considered a permanent room or space… But what if that room serves multiple purposes? Changeable Common Room Signs are a little different from regular Common Room Signs because they come with a removable insert—perfect for times when a space goes from a meeting room to a break room. Like regular Common Room Signs, Changeable Common Room Signs are required to have raised text and Grade 2 Braille. Not to worry; at SignMojo, we pore through all of the rules and regulations to guarantee that all of our signs meet ADA guidelines.

If you think that the design of a sign isn't important when choosing a Common Room Sign, think again! Look at it this way: are you more likely to remember where a room is if it's marked with something boring, or if it's marked with something awesome? We'll put our money on awesome every time.

The point is, Common Room Signs don't have to be a snoozefest. The nicer the sign is to look at, the more likely it is to be remembered. When it comes to Changeable Common Room Signs, you want a striking design with simple text (so tone down the fancy words, Shakespeare).

Whether your perfect, changeable Common Room Sign is fun and funky or straight and narrow, we are sure that we have just the one you're looking for. All of our Common Room Signs are customizable! Just choose the sign color, the text color, the font, and preview it all online before you order.

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