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Restroom signage is a small and sometimes overlooked part of building or updating a business, school, hotel or restaurant, but they are vital to the success of any establishment. A mens bathroom sign, a womens bathroom sign, a handicap bathroom sign, a hallway sign pointing toward the bathroom; each is important. That's because every business, restaurant, office and gathering place in America needs restroom signs. Not only are they required by law, they're an important part of customer service and inter-office labeling. Restroom signs are a great way to help you orient clients, employees, and visitors within your interior space. Restroom signage is helpful, clear, and indicative of a well-organized workplace (or school, restaurant, etc.).

At SignMojo, bathroom signs are one of our many specialties. Not only do we have the precision equipment to make sure our products are perfectly shaped and styled, we have a large palette of custom colors, fonts, designs, and accessories, so you can order your specific restroom signs to be exactly the way you want them. For businesses both new and old, being able to customize their signs, including their bathroom signs, is of paramount importance. SignMojo is very proud to be one of the best-equipped sign makers in the country, with the tools, colors and formats to make sure our customers can get exactly what they want when it comes to their restroom signage. Check out some of these examples, including men restroom signs, women restroom signs, and handicapped bathroom signs.

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Is it important what my bathroom signs look like?

Yes. The signage you use in your interior or exterior space is part of your company's brand, and it makes a real impression on visitors, guests and clients. That's why it's not only crucial to have all the proper and legal signage, it's also business-savvy. Restroom signs cut down on confusion, present a crisp and organized facade, and are genuinely helpful for those with handicaps and disabilities (including really full bladders). In compliance with new federal laws regulating braille and handicapped sign-making, SignMojo is ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest and greatest in sign-making technology, with high-tech machines and processes that can quickly and precisely recreate braille according to ADA standards. There are also some state laws and regulations that have to be followed for some kinds of restroom sign. For instance in California, where many such regulations exist, there are several types of specific signs that you would really need to have; At SignMojo, we have the complete collection of California restroom signage, so you can stay compliant (and that's just one example).

But those are just the practical, common sense reasons to be careful and thoughtful when it comes to your restroom signage. The other, equally compelling reason is to stay in compliance with the state and federal law. When you allow your signage to fall out of date or out of compliance, you open yourself up to real legal risks. However, with the up-to-date signs made at SignMojo, you won't have to worry about those sorts of repercussions.

SignMojo stays up to date on all new developments in restroom signage law and procedure, including updated braille regulations, visual and tactile regulations to ensure clarity and convenience, and handicapped regulations. You don't want to be caught in non-compliance and suffer legal repercussions for something as common-place and easy to fix as a sign. And when it comes to creating custom, beautiful restroom signs that are in full compliance with all laws and public/private space regulations, SignMojo is the place to go. Our advanced color palette and multitude of design options make our signs number one when it comes to getting just the right mens bathroom signs, womens bathroom signs, or "handicapped" bathroom sign. And if you need room numbers, hallway directions, signs that point the way to the bathroom, or any sort of other industrial sign? Well we do that to, and just as quickly, professionally, and handsomely.

Also, there have recently been some new laws passed in reference to the proper way to display braille signage in your places of business. SignMojo has the tools and the knowledge to turn out compliant ADA braille restroom signs at a moments notice.

What kind of restroom signs do I need?

Basic signs include the men bathroom sign, the women bathroom sign, and handicapped bathroom signs. Inside the bathroom itself, it is good to have a handicapped sign to indicate which stall is meant to be reserved. It is also a good idea to post clear, informative directional signs in your interior space, which point the way to the bathrooms (and other rooms) on your floor. In general, you need as many signs as it takes to make your bathroom space easy to find and unmistakable. When you've achieved that, you achieved the main purpose of the clear, informative bathroom sign. You've served your customer or occupant, and you've made your business look better.

SignMojo is very proud of our huge range of color and customization options, ranges much larger than most other industrial sign-makers (we have more than 50 available colors alone, not to mention the numerous designs and sizes and fonts we have available). Our products can be hand tailored to fit any need when it comes to restroom signage, as well as all corresponding signage. So it's easier than ever to make your bathrooms clear and easy to find when you work with our wide range of choices and regulation-compliant restroom signs. Our signs make your workplace or business better by making it easier to navigate, more clear, and more in line with your overall interior design aesthetic and image.

You can't go wrong with clear, regulation-compliant, easy to read, and handicap-aware signs. That means you can't go wrong with SignMojo. We look forward to helping our clients make their interior spaces better, and using our custom signs to help them and their customers or occupants.

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