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what the heck is a sign artisan?

Welcome to! Sit back, relax… And let us sing you the song of our people.

There are sign readers, there are sign makers, and then… There's us. We are so much more than just sign makers. We are Sign Artisans! What's a Sign Artisan? Come with us on a little language lesson. By definition, an artisan is:

artisan [ahr–tuh–zuh n] noun
  1. a person skilled in an applied art; a craftsperson
Look at that. Skilled. Craftspeople. That's us, to a "T". But we believe there's more to it than that. Our Artisans eat, sleep, and breathe signs. One of them even named their first child "Sign". Now THAT'S dedication.

…Okay, that didn't actually happen. But it might someday! The point is, we love signs. We love signs so much, we manufacture them 24/7 and that's not an exaggeration—we have three shifts dedicated to the art of constructing great signage. To us, a sign is more than just something on a wall: it's our passion. It's what we live for.

uh… so, whatís the big deal about signs?

What's the big deal about signs? What is the big deal about signs?! Let us explain what the big deal is! Signs are everywhere and are needed for everything! People see and use signs every day. Imagine, if you will, a busy office building without signs. People would be roaming around, no one would know where to find the bathroom (which would get real ugly REAL fast), there would be crying and gnashing of teeth… Let's just say… It wouldn't be pretty.

So, signs are important. Why are amazing, resilient, beautiful SignMojo signs important? That's easy: your signs should be a reflection of your company. If you have run–down, cheap signage, well… If we're being honest here (and we believe honesty is the best policy), you're gonna send folks running for the hills. But if you have eye–catching, fabulous, SignMojo signage, people will be drawn to your business. Like bees to honey. Like a moth to the flame. Like zombies to brains. Get it?

We have every kind of sign your little heart could want. Need Common Room Signs? Boom. Done. Is it Directional Signage you're longing for? Your wish is our command. Desperate for Restroom Signs? Simmer down, buttercup. We've got you covered. Investing in good signage reflects well on your entire facility and brand. Simply put: we make you look good.

why SignMojo?

Remember, we aren't just another sign manufacturer. We are Sign Artisans. We've been in the sign business since the dawn of time… Okay, so that might be a slight exaggeration—we've been in the sign business for over 25 years. Our company is basically a grown adult, and all of the signs are our little sign grandbabies. Wanna see pictures? We are so proud. Brings a tear to our eye.

For those 25 years, we've been designing and producing the highest quality interior and exterior signs available for hospitals, hotels, businesses, restaurants, long–term care facilities, law firms, hair salons, apartments, robots (just checking to see if you're paying attention), and more.

okay… what makes so great?

Sign Detail We know that you have choices when it comes to sign providers, but at SignMojo, we have more sign options, color options, and font options than anyone else—and we give you control over the way you want your signs to look. You have the power! So… we are pretty much made of awesome. And signs. Awesome and signs!

At SignMojo you can choose your sign color, text color, and even type in custom text in a matter of seconds. Go ahead, try and find another sign company with those customization options—we'll wait.

Welcome back! How was your journey? Fruitless, yes? Now that you've seen that we are on top of the custom sign game, check this out: you can also preview your signs online before ordering. Letting you design your signs online speeds up the process, pretty much eliminating the need to order by phone, fax, or e–mail (but you can still order that way if you like). It's like you're livin' in the future, man!

Because we Sign Artisans are serious about our signage (can't stop, won't stop), the benefits keep on rollin' in. Let's just chat for a second about a little somethin' we like to call our SignSpec© Planning Service. SignSpec© allows you to upload your floor plans and in return, receive a detailed list of the signs we think your facility needs. We know our stuff. We are experts. We've got this. There's no wondering which signs should go where; we'll tell you what you need to ensure your facility is ADA compliant, visitor–friendly, and filled with signs that complement your décor.

ADA compliance experts

The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) affects every aspect of the construction and design of a building—including signage. It can get super complicated and confusing, but not to fear: the Sign Artisans are here! We make sure that all of our signs meet the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act. We worry about the laws and regulations so you donít have to. With our ADA Sign Compliance Guarantee, if at any time an inspector finds that our sign does not comply with the ADA, we will replace it—free of charge. Boom. Free. Always. No exceptions! You just go ahead and soak that in for a second.

life-of the-building guarantee

I know what you're thinking. "More guarantees? How can it be?! These people are crazy!" Yeah. Crazy like a fox!

As Sign Artisans, we take pride in our work and believe in the quality of our products. In fact, we are so confident in the quality of our signs, we back them all with our Life–of–the–Building Guarantee. What that means is that if at any time during the life of your building a sign needs replacing due to defects in material or because of workmanship, we will replace that sign—free of charge. Whaaaat! That's right. Who's crazy now?! (It's us.)

in closing

Sign Corner Detail So letís see how closely youíve been paying attention. Pop quiz, hotshot! Which of the following statement is true about
  1. We are more than just sign makers: we are Sign Artisans.
  2. You're not going to find a sign provider that offers a wider variety of signs with better customization options anywhere. Ever. Period. The end.
  3. Our SignSpec© Planning Service makes your life super–easy by taking the guesswork out of which signs your building needs, and where those signs need to go.
  4. Our signs are guaranteed to be ADA–compliant and if they're not, we'll replace them. For free!
  5. Our signs are backed by a Life–of–the–Building Guarantee. If something goes awry and it's our fault, we'll replace them. FOR. FREE.
  6. All of the above.
If you chose F, YOU ARE CORRECT! Well done, you! Gold star, trumpets, fanfare, parade!

If you're still not convinced that is the absolute bee's knees—or if you have any questions—give us a call, shoot us an e–mail, or send us a carrier pigeon (that might take a while though. Better stick with phone or e–mail). Let us be your Sign Artisans and furnish your building with the most gorgeous and resilient signs on the market. SignMojo signs will make all of your friends green with envy.

Now go forth and get your sign on, you crazy kids!
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